Sunday, March 2, 2014

Realtime Gps Tracking

this time I want to share my new experience of using gps software to track our position and at the same time we can also track our partner, our family position in the same time in the same display.
let take a sample, when we want to go somewhere in a group that some car involved in,
sometimes we don't know where is the other car position, we are not sure the other car stay on track or not, 
or maybe we don't know the route, we follow the other car but unfortunately we can not see the other car because of crowded traffic.
in this situation, it will very helpful to have a gadget that can see all of the car position in realtime, and to know the distance in relative to our position.
we also can tell the other car if they take a wrong route.

this time we will use an android application, actually this application also can be used for iphone and other os, but I just try this on android.
all we have to do is:
1. go to android market / google play
2. search "realtime gps tracker"
3. maybe some application will appear, I don't know and not tried the other yet, this time we use this application. (I recognize this application by the logo)
this is the logo

4. once you found, download and install it.
5. then open the application, on the first screen you'll find notification to enable you Gps,
    click Enable GPS, you will enter the setting menu especially to enable the gps satellite option.

thick "Use GPS satellites

7. return to previous menu and you'll see the map.
8. push the start button, sorry in this picture the application is started already, so it shows stop button.
    the start button is the same button with the stop button.
    once you push start button, the light of the button will turn on (green light)

9. push menu button of your phone to add friends you want to see and push friends button

10. for the first time, on the screen there will be no friend name on it, sorry on this screen I created friends already (please ignore it)

11. push menu button again and select add friend.

sorry this post will be continued next time because I am sleepy...