Saturday, February 25, 2012

GPS for Notebook

What is GPS for notebook?
Do you know that our notebook can be changed into GPS navigation? 
our notebook can be changed into GPS navigator only by add a GPS receiver (GPS Dongle).
this GPS receiver usually communicate with the computer through USB port.
so it is very easy for us because almost all recent notebook equipped with usb port as communication port.
the shape of this receiver is similar to USB Flash disk, including the size.
there are some type and brand of GPS receiver,
1. GPS dongle that equipped with built in battery, this type usually also can be used as position
logger (we can record our journey only by bring this Dongle without notebook or battery)
2. GPS dongle without built in battery. this type also there are 2 type, one can be used as position
logger by attach external battery, and the other one is without position logger.
this time we will not talk about data or position logger, we will discuss this by another article, please click here for data/position logger.

What we have to do to make our notebook become GPS Navigator

1. prepare or buy one of GPS REceiver, this time I by from CANMORE.
this is equipped with data/position logger but without built in battery.
when we buy this, usually include CD driver, in case the CD driver not attached to the bundle
we can download the driver from it`s official site or search from internet.

Canmore USB GPS Dongle

2. prepare the notebook, install the driver included in the bundle, please follow the instruction of the installation until finish and success.

3. prepare GOOGLE EARTH software by installing in the notebook.
you can free download from Google earth official site (of course the free version)

4.plug the Dongle into USB port

Canmore USB GPS Dongle on Notebook

5. Run Google Earth

Google Earth

6. Do Setting to Google Earth
click "tools" then "GPS"
Google Earth GPS dongle setting

in the window of Google Earth-GPS Import
click "Realtime" tab
then select "Automatically follow the path"
then click "start",
by this way, the tracking has started
Google Earth GPS Dongle Setting

7. close this setting window and bring your notebook outdoor, please bring it to the open area (open sky).
this is for fast and accurate signal reception from the GPS satellite . please be patent because this process need several time depend on GPS signal reception on your area.

8. during waiting of the satellite signal, the display of Google Earth will be positioned at "ESTIMATED POSITION" or 0-deg of longitude and latitude.
after satellite signal locked, Google Earth display will show your position at the time.
as long we connected to the internet, the display will show our position.
we can use it without internet connection but we have to make cache data of Google Earth first.

9. Now our notebook is a GPS Navigator, if we bring the notebook walk around, our position in Google Earth will follow our real position.

Good Luck.

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