Saturday, March 10, 2012

Free GPS Tracker Android using Instamapper

Instamapper tracking caption
Android GPS tracking using Instamapper
we can track our car, bike, pet, children, we can use GPS tracker that we can buy from GPS shop and then insert GSM SIM card and connect to GPRS to transmit object position to the Internet and then we can track the position of the object from home by connecting our notebook, phone or tablet PC to the Internet.
If we have Android Phone we can use it for Iphone GPS Tracking. and it is free, you don't need to spend money to buy GPS tracker.

You can use Instamapper for free GPS Tracking.
Instamapper is free GPS Tracker application that you can use to track an object realtime by using Android phone as your position transmitter.

Instamapper setup :
1. go to
    go to registration page if you don't have username yet by click new user?
Instamapper tracking home

fill required data

Instamapper Tracking Registration

add your device, give it name as you want and then you will get device key.
this device key will be used to identify your Android phone.

Instamapper Tracking Add Device

2. From your Android please go to Market and search for Instamapper
    install it from your Market.
    the icon will be named GPS Tracker
    play it, go to setting and input the device key
    this device key is the code created before from
    then save.
    from now the tracking is begin.

HTC Android before Satellite reception


 bring your iphone outside to open sky and wait until the position recognized
    and the position transmit to the internet

HTC Android after Satellite reception

3. back to your monitor device (PC, notebook, tablet, handphone, etc)
   you can see your Android position realtime. bring your Android around and you will see the position move realtime.

note: your Android have to connect to internet.
        you can add more than 1 device.
Instamapper Tracking Caption

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  1. There is an iOS app to view instamapper tracks. It's really good for tracking a group in instamappers :)

    1. Oh, the app is called Spot Buddy.

  2. Nice information presented in the post, thanks for sharing such a great post.
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  3. Ah, I didn't know about this one! Thanks for the tutorial, it was a huge help. I remember when tracking by GPS felt so new and futuristic. Now virtually every smart device has the capability to do it, it seems!

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  5. this technology is really growing, i know the wonders my GPS car tracker has done for me. Good way to get a taste of such things

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